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13th August.

there were two things to celebrate today........

firstly, the wedding of my step daughter to her beau

secondly, the announcement of the winners of the #WhereforeARTThou project!

Super excited to receive the email, confirming the acceptance of my proposal.

There are so many exciting aspects to this commission:

Initially there will be a welcome meeting event on 1st Sept 2021 for artists to meet each other.

Followed by:

a) BRB Male dancers ballet class

b) Q & A with "Radio and Juliet" cast

c) Q & A with Artisitc Director of BRB Carlos Acosta

d) initial 1:1 with Kris and Davy from Studio McGuire.

Over the next 5 weeks further events will include 7 hrs of mentoring with Studie Maguire

Production of my artwork (hard work for me) to be installed on 2nd October - removed 17th Oct.

Exhibition VIP launch event

Master class with Ikon Gallery

Master class with Kris and Davy

BRB Masterclass with the technical production team

Q & A with Radio & Juliet choreographer, Edward Clug

VIP rehearsal viewing and invites to watch the ballet.

AND to top the lot - I will be paid for the privilege - I am so excited and can believe this fabulous opportunity has been offered to me.

My work is so complex, I feel as if i need to start work on my ideas as soon as I can, however, recieving the email during the wedding celebrations meant that I had to wait (until my hangover had eased) I'd returned home for following day!

I enjoyed the wedding, possibly too much! I waited the weekend out before feeling vibrant enough to start my designing stages

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