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From Words to Emotions

An insight:

The Birmingham Royal Ballet Dancers responded to my survey via email when I asked them to evaluate the emotions felt whilst they danced in the Radio and Juliet Ballet. The list of words supplied I added to the data gleaned from conversations with the principle dancers recorded way back at the beginning of September.

The descriptive words and emotions I worked with were:

Monochromatic dream state

Bittersweet and fragmented

Angular anger

The fibreart I produced held properties of sharp angles and dark hues within the shapes I created. Manipulating the pieces into 3D spheres and mounting them onto the backdrop, some overlapping, dancing over each other, some on their own left abandoned and isolated. Some shattered and dispersed, resting in areas of two or more locations within the art quartette.

Other areas of the fibre piece contained stitched and woven spheres depicting bittersweet, fragmented vibes. I decided to include a blood red hue for this eliment of the artpeice, with a nod to the Juliets' costume change during the ballet.

Finally, and more dramatic, was the inclusion of a "dream state". An emotion of uncertainty, confusion and diminished consciousness. I presented fibres in waves of undulating peaks and troughs, dancing over the feminine face shown in the backdrop. Visible when viewing from the front of the art piece, but more prominent as it morphed into a movement dancing fibres cast in the shadows behind Juliets face. Is this a dream or reality?

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