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Reaching Out

The journey my work takes me on includes seeking a written list of emotions from particular individuals.

With the "Wherefore ART Thou" project, those individuals became the very talented dancers of the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

After engaging in a wonderful meeting with Tyrone Singleton and Yaoqian Shang, at the BRB and participating in a question and answers session, it became obvious that the Radio and Juliet ballet will stimulate many emotions. I made a few hand written notes, from these conversation, and here is a short list of some of the spoken phases:

"Radio and Juliet cherry picks the emotions from Romeo and Juliet"

"Bitter sweet"

"What's reality vs what's dream state?"

"Excited spark"

"New fascination of love"

"Dynamic duet"

"Solo spirit"

"Depleated, lost and helpless"

This insight will help me form the base of my artwork, however, it will be important to collate more emotional words from the dancers, to this end, I circulated a survey / consent form.

An intergral part of my fibre art uses emotonal words expressed in text, translating these words into artwork, usually using black ink before sampling a range of woven and embroidered outcomes, all used to inform my finished piece. My take away from the Q & A became the colour theme of the ballet, i span my usual "go to" black pen on its head, purchased black paper instead and stated my artwork in white chalks.

The next few blogs will show the results of the surveys and the commencement of my initial stages of artwork.

I have just three weeks to go to complete my art installation.

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