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Initial Research

Video clips, immersing in the ballet and initial drawings, soon evolved.

I work quickly, I work initially in black and white. Pens, inks all monochromatic tones, I need to get ideas on paper and empty my head from all the ideas I have.

I have an immediate issue.

My work usually sits within a large section of woven fabric used as a backdrop from which all my 3D creative fibre art sits. This backdrop is usually woven on my loom. For anyone who weaves fabric on a domestic loom knows, the process of threading the loom, after winding your warp, takes quite a long time. I know that I will not have time to allocate to this section of my work and realise I will need to research other areas of producing a quality piece of work using an alternative back drop.

Over the summer I have worked on an extension to my FMP. Titled: Fragility, this new appedix involved creating a circular cut out from MDF from which the new version of the 3Sisters sat. With this in mind a new background development evolved.

So, looking at my reasearch into the video clips and my subsiquent artwork studies I produced a series of ideas for a background.

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