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The brief was amazing, I felt I could handle the commission and that my work would blend with the concept of the ballet.

However, the outlets/exhibition spaces and brief description of the type and style of work required seemed to exclude my creative activities.

My work had evolved from an illustrative artist using black pen on paper and landscape oil paintings to one of a fibre artist producing delicate large scale installations using monofilament yarns, recycled plastic bottle yarn and upcycled clothing. The nature of my 3D woven and embroidered peices meant that they were ideally presented in an indoors environment, hung infront of a wall/back board to allow light to penetrate and create shadows of "dancing" fibres which add a dimension to stimulate conversations around my work.

With the BRB brief offering digital platforms, external large scale installations, and stand alone peices where the public could interact as possible outcomes, my excitement waned.

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