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A Glimmer of Hope

During the month of June, my FMP had been submitted and university results were pending. Graduation ceremonies were detailed to be on-line and and fatigue set in. The combination of three years of education along-side running a small business had taken its toll. A few days of rest and relaxation were in order.

During this "down-time" I revisited the brief for Radio & Juliet and researched a little further. The video clip that accompanied the initial application process was still live and although the video was brief, the energy it radiated was tangible.

An email from Hannah detailed an extension to the application deadline.

I wrote back - voicing my concerns over my works suitability for the project, forwarded a few photos and I believe I was quite blunt with my statement asking Hannah to be direct with me in her critique.

It was then Hannah offered a Glimmer of Hope, as she suggested flexibility in the venues. I decided to enter.

The application process was not for the faint hearted! 300 words about my creative practice, 400 words on my project aspirations, a further 300 words on my works potential engagement with the ballet and finally yet more words expressing the importance of this opportunity for my personal practice. To accompany this process, applicatants were instructed to submit a draft budget for the production of the artwork, examples of previous work and a link to a creative website. 26th July I officially entered the competition.

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